Hi there, my name is Grace. I find random things amusing that I sometimes don't quite understand myself. This blog is now more of an escape from reality for me. I hope my life stories and my emotional problems won't bore you. I'm weird, dorky, bitchy, flawed, materialistic, but through all that I'm just like everyone else. Not better than anyone, but just blessed by what God has given me. I'm changing as a person and trying to be humble and less judgmental. I promise I'm not that bad, once you give me the chance to get to know you I guess. That is all, enjoy.

P.S For who stumbles across this blog that actually knows me, you'll probably not know I have this side to me. I actually have content, like a normal human being. Thanks.

Instagram: @graaceey

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For better or worse, I got you ❤ #selfie #me #igotyou #favesong

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